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Starting at $65

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Monday-Friday  9:00-5:00  /  Saturday 9:00-1:00

Holiday closures will be posted on our Google listing

Please be aware that left turns are illegal on our stretch of Route 31.  For safety's sake and to keep from obstructing traffic, if you are approaching our shop from the northbound lane, do not attempt to turn left into our driveway. Proceed to the "U AND LEFT TURNS" at the DENOW RD intersection.

We share our driveway with Mother's Recovery towing company, which requires emergency egress with their trucks.  Please park on the shoulder of the road just past our shop, or in the small lot to the right of our driveway connection.

We look forward to seeing you!


Full Service, as performed by our expert technicians, is our standard routine maintenance regimen aimed at keeping your equipment performing at its best. Equipment failures typically result from prolonged operation under degraded performance conditions. Such conditions may not be obvious or even discernible during normal operation. When the equipment operator recognizes that the unit is not running like new, it probably means the unit was ready for a Full Service to be performed on it some time ago.

We perform meticulous multi-point inspections including battery, controls, belts, pulleys, clutch or idler, wheel bearings, blade spindles, ball joints, exhaust systems, hoses and tires. We test engine performance, transmission or hydrostatic drive performance, brakes, and steering. We identify parts that are damaged, worn, contaminated, or generally operating under degraded conditions.

With our Full Service we provide an oil change, new oil filter, new air filter(s) and a new fuel filter. For gasoline engines, we may replace spark plugs. We apply grease where grease belongs. We will sharpen/balance mower blades or replace them if their condition is unsafe. Minor adjustments may be made during Full Service. When we find that equipment could use more advanced adjustments, repairs, refurbishment or parts replacement, we discuss our findings, recommendations and cost estimates with our customers.



Tractor Joe's Service & Repair has extensive experience with diagnosing common problems in the kinds of equipment we work on. We have also solved many rare and unusual problems that led us to perform extensive diagnostics and analysis. When we encounter a problem that requires us to do some research, we embrace the new experience as an investment in our business, and as such we do not invoice this extra time to the individual customer. We can help you manage the life of your equipment so you can be sure it's as long, productive and economical as possible.

Equipment owners turn to us for solutions and trust us because we perform legitimate diagnostics and offer honest recommendations that show respect for their money. We love what we do and we are all for enabling our customers to choose repair over the replacement of an entire product. We do sometimes conclude that a unit is economically beyond repair.

We are committed to our top-quality standards and warranty our work accordingly. Unless otherwise noted, all serviced and repaired equipment has passed our quality assurance tests.



In addition to repairs, we perform restorations involving sand blasting, welding, full rebuilds of engines and transmissions, custom modifications and upgrades.






  • Push / Self-Propelled Mower

  • Riding Mower / Lawn Tractor

  • Snow Blower

  • String Trimmer "Weed Whacker"

  • Edger

  • Small Rototiller

  • Chipper-Shredder <2" branch

  • Chainsaw




    • PTO Attachments

  • Garden Tractor

  • ZTR Mower

  • Wide-Area Ground Mower

  • Small Leaf Blower / Vacuum

  • Chipper-Shredder ​ 2-3" branch

  • Brush Mower "Bush Hog"

  • Log Splitter

  • Two-Wheeled Tractor

  • Utility Vehicle / ATV / Golf Cart




    • PTO Attachments

  • Skid Steer

  • Power Cultivator / Rear-Tine Tiller

  • Wide-Area Grounds Mower

  • Large Leaf Blower / Vacuum

  • Chipper-Shredder  >3" branch

  • Small Excavator

  • Small Backhoe

  • Small Roller

  • Small Vibratory Compactor

Computer-controlled, fuel injection, or all-electric machinery:  Add $20/hr

Why choose Tractor Joe's Service and Repair? Because we recognize that engine-powered machines are an essential part of the prosperous society in which we live. Equipment continuously deteriorates, so it is prudent for owners to counteract this process by maintaining properly functioning systems. Poorly maintained engines exhibit "hidden costs" such as decreased fuel efficiency and excessive emissions. Disposal of defunct equipment, with the ensuing demand for replacement products, adds to landfills and draws on raw natural resources. Even recycling invokes a manufacturing process. We want to ensure engine-powered equipment is as clean-running, fuel-conservative and long-lived as possible.

We are here to help.

2349 Pennington Road, Pennington, NJ 08534


FAX:  609-737-2926

Thank you for choosing Tractor Joe's Service & Repair!

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