Equipment failure can occur as a result of continued operation under degraded performance conditions.  Farmers and business owners invested in these machines depend on them to operate safely and make money.  No one wants to manage a machine's service as they would a light bulb, meaning run to failure and replace; machinery is too expensive to be considered disposable.  The same is true for homeowners' outdoor power equipment.  If it becomes obvious that your equipment is not working properly, you have moved from service into repair territory.  At Tractor Joe's Service & Repair, we maintain records of our routine service and inspection results, and seek to optimize component refurbishment and replacement schedules.  We're here for both the proactive and the reactive individuals, but we encourage equipment owners to stay on the proactive service path to extend the lifetime of their assets and minimize total costs.  If you are deciding whether to repair or replace, let us help you analyze the two options.  Here's a relevant article on the subject: To Repair or Replace Our customers trust us for performing legitimate diagnostics and giving honest recommendations that respect their resources. Let us know about what you have, and we'll let you know about the excellent service we will be able to provide for you.  No job is too large or too small.  Pick-up and delivery are available.  We provide a warranty for the work we perform.  And, if you're not satisfied, let's talk about how we can make it right by you. Want a couple more reasons to let us care for your equipment?  Well... Everything continuously deteriorates, so it is prudent for equipment owners to slow that process by maintaining properly functioning systems.  Gasoline and diesel engines are an essential part of the prosperous society in which we live (and important to our business, of course), so we want to help ensure these engines are conservative of natural resources and respectful to air quality.  Decreased fuel efficiency and excessive emissions are "hidden costs" that can affect everyone, not just the equipment owner.  Also, disposal of defunct equipment, with the ensuing demand for replacement products, adds to landfills and draws down raw natural resources, and even recycling invokes a manufacturing process.  We are here to help you manage the life of your equipment so you can be sure it's as long and productive as possible. Thank you for choosing Tractor Joe's Service & Repair!